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Speedtracker Mach4+ with Parabolic Adapter

Speedtracker Mach4+ with Parabolic Adapter

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Introducing the Future of Precision Shooting: MACH4+ Speedtracker with Beamforming Technology! Say hello to the ALL-IN-ONE MACH4+ Speedtracker – a powerhouse chronograph that's not just cutting-edge, it's cutting-edge quantified!




  • 65M/S - 1200M/S
  • 213 F/S - 4000 F/S

What makes the MACH4+ Speedtracker truly exceptional is its Beamforming technology. This isn't just a feature; it's a leap into the future. Say goodbye to guessing your shot's velocity – Beamforming technology ensures that you get the most accurate and reliable readings, making each shot a masterstroke of precision.


Included with your purchase of the Speedtracker Mach 4+ is a

  1. Protective cap for the new Beamforming Lens
  2. ARCA Rail Adapter
  3. Charge Cord
  4. Storage Bag


    • 120 Ghz radar chip made in Germany , Developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic

    • Biggest radar cross section RCS of bullets and pellets on the market

    • Enjoy extremely high accuracy with multiple detections in the 1st meter

    • Detecting the bullet up to 2 000 times

    • Not affected by wind and air pressure or light rain

    • Picantinny and ARCA rail connectors

    • The only radar on the market that is suitable for tunnel shooting

    • Suitable for subsonic and supersonic, the widest speed range on the market

    • 200 – 4600 fps 65 - 1400 m/s

    • Aluminum body with CERAKOTE coating, tested to 260 g-forces

    • 4h battery runtime when fully charged , most shooters can complete multiple training sessions on one battery charge

    • IP 54 effective against : dust protected, water jets

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