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Tubb 115 DTAC’s® TBN Coated with NOSERING - 500

Tubb 115 DTAC’s® TBN Coated with NOSERING - 500

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The creation of the NOSERING® application was a direct result from hunting experiences of which many excellent impacts “Ran Off” as the result of a nonexpanding DTAC bullet which has virtually no catalyst (other than hitting a bone) to initiate repeatable expansion. This resulted in experimentation using several different approaches with a goal of modifying these very accurate bullets in a way so as to create decisive expansion upon impact.

There were other benefits from cutting a NOSERING® on a DTAC bullet.  These include increased uniformity of the drag coefficients not only during supersonic flight but also subsonic velocities. 

Our feedback data speaks for itself; Not only does Nosering™ make your DTAC bullet deliver better shot to shot drag uniformity , which results in your vertical groups becoming smaller, but it also allows you to initiate expansive qualities.  Takes a great target bullet and makes it a fantastic hunting bullet.

The DTAC with a with its Closed Nose (pointed tip) will show better shot to shot drag uniformity which will translate into smaller vertical group(s).

For a target shooter this means your DTAC group(s) will become flatter since your specific lot # of bullets that can be characterized as brothers and sisters will after a NOSERING® react more like identical twins. A NOSERING® will result in the bullet BC spreads being cut in half.

The NOSERING® tool allows the hard bullet jacket tip to fail due to stress fracturing on impact and which is driven into the lead core of the bullet. This initiates dramatic bullet expansion. 

DTAC 115 bullets Note:

DTAC 115s may vary slightly from lot to lot.  Sierra changes Lot numbers any time the operator changes, the jacket drawing is changed, the copper changes, a machine breaks, etc.

Bullet lengths and the appearance of the nose will vary slightly between lot numbers. This is standard operating procedure at Sierra as well as any other decent bullet maker. All  (Lot #”s) of the DTAC  115’s are accuracy tested in the Sierra Test tunnel – if they don’t shoot good groups they get rejected.   Sierra makes thousands of reject bullets every year..of course nobody wants to make a single reject bullet. The bullets I sell have passed the QC testing

500 Count Box

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