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Tubb 33XC, 37XC reloading die set

Tubb 33XC, 37XC reloading die set

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Die set for the 33XC, 37XC and 41XC (see below).

Include precision micrometer seating die and full length bushing sizing die.

Seating die: 33XC/37XC/41XC seating die is universal in that it can use 33XC (.338) bullets, 37XC (.375) bullets and 41XC (.416)

Resize die: 33XC/37XC/41XC resize die comes with 3 integral neck shoulder bushings.  Two of the bushings are for 33XC (.338) and measure .363 and .368 on ID (inside diameter).  The third bushing is for the 37XC (.375) which measures .400 on ID.  This is also the gauge bushing.  

If you intend on purchasing 33XC/37XC/41XC resize die for shooting 41XC please call us as we will have to bore out one of the bushings that comes with the 33XC/37XC/41XC die to accommodate loading a 41XC. This can be done for a $25 additional charge.

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