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Tubb 6XC FL Custom Sizing Die

Tubb 6XC FL Custom Sizing Die

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The ONLY sizing die to use with 6XC.

The Tubb 6XC FL Custom Sizing Die from David Tubb and Superior Shooting Systems is an excellent, custom die that has several advantages over conventional neck bushing style dies. As David describes it: "To go along with the 6mmXC round, I decided to produce a custom sizing die that had features that surpassed those of even the newer generation neck bushing style sizers. The goal was not only to make 6mmXC an easy proposition for any shooter, but also to ensure that he could produce championship-level ammo for it."

The Tubb 6XC FL Custom Sizing Die body is made from S7 Tool Steel, which is far superior to the case hardened steel found in normal dies.

It comes with two integral, interchangeable neck/shoulder bushings for use in sizing:

Bushing #1 - a .268 x 30° bushing, which lets you set back the neck and shoulder .003-.004 when you full-length resize the case, and

Bushing #2 - a .266 x 30° bushing, for neck turning cases or if you want to use 22-250, 6.5 x 47, or 6.5 Creedmoor brass.

On our sizing die, both the neck and shoulder are included in the bushing, not just the neck. This is a better design because it allows excess sizing lubricant a place to escape and not make a dimple on the shoulder of the case. By having an integral neck and shoulder bushing, the entire case neck is able to be resized, unlike a neck bushing full-length sizing die in which the very bottom of the case neck is never resized. Plus, having the neck and shoulder bushing consolidated is an asset to alignment and preservation of concentricity in the sizing operation.

The Tubb 6XC FL Custom Sizing Die also comes with a gauge bushing, which is like a mic tool or a resize gauging tool that lets you measure exactly how much your case has been resized and thus determine cartridge case headspace when used in conjunction with a set of dial or digital calipers.

This is an extremely fine sizing die that will last forever if you keep the cases properly cleaned.


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