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Tubb Throat Maintenance System T.M.S kit

Tubb Throat Maintenance System T.M.S kit

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TMS (Throat Maintenance Systems)

"I have experienced much longer accurate life from a barrel using TMS™, and much easier cleaning. It's a hard concept to accept for some people, but it's true: the more frequently this product is used the relatively longer the barrel will last."

This is an exciting addition to the FinalFinish™ product line. TMS™ is intended for use by competition shooters and others who demand high performance from quality barrels. TMS™ greatly extends accurate barrel life. These bullets are coated with a specially chosen polishing compound that will smooth and maintain the throat in your firearm, thereby significantly offsetting the effects of throat erosion -- the number-one culprit in barrel wear and accuracy loss.

Barrel "wear" is really throat erosion. The throat in a rifle barrel is an area approximately four inches long ahead of the chamber. This short stretch of barrel receives the full force of the firing process. Extreme temperatures, blazing gases, and radical expansion eat into barrel steel causing stress cracks, pitting, and roughness.

Throat "erosion" is a descriptive term, since under high magnification barrel steel starts looking like a washed out gravel road after only a couple hundred rounds! If left untreated the eroded throat will grab and tear at the bullet. When the relatively soft bullet jacket is damaged in this way, bullet integrity is compromised and poor accuracy can result.

FinalFinish TMS™ bullets are specially engineered to smooth and polish this eroded area, helping restore and maintain smoothness. Additionally, TMS™ significantly improves the land's signature mark on the bullet (when seating the bullet into the rifling) and hence eases the bullet's transition into the bore. Since the lands frequently scratch or mark the bullet on initial contact with the rifling, the bullet jacket is damaged. After only a few TMS™ rounds the lands will no longer leave scratched rifling marks on the bullet jacket; rather the impression is now a soft touch or pushed impression. When this occurs, better accuracy results!

Complete instructions are included with each kit.

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