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Tubb 5 Star Muzzle Brake w/lock nut

Tubb 5 Star Muzzle Brake w/lock nut

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A new offering from David Tubb is the 5 Star Muzzle Brake, a departure from the traditional symmetrical design found in most other muzzle brakes on the market today. After extensive research and development David found a muzzle brake design that had all of the necessary features he required and performed up to the standards to be on the new Adaptive Target Rifle. 

 It starts with the ports; by designing the 5 Star Brake with horizontal ports instead of the traditional vents or "gills", gases are re-directed in a more outward direction lessening the concussion and blast forces felt by the shooter and anyone next to them (e.g. spotters or fellow shooter).

 "Counter-torsional gas direction". The upper level ports on the left side of the 5 Star Brake are vertically swept to vent gases in a more upward direction counteracting the "barrel torque" imparted into the rifle from the bullet travelling down the rifling. This gas vectoring design also enables a larger flow of gas out of the swept ports thus increasing its ability to counteract the barrel torque no matter the caliber.

This was an important factor in David's design concept as he believes a muzzle brakes purpose should be two-fold.

1) Reduce the recoil of the rifle lessening shooter fatigue

2) Keep the sight picture as uninterupted as possible vertically, horizontally and rotationally

The new 5 Star Muzzle Brake was designed with this thinking in mind to keep the shooter on target allowing them to spot their shots easier with minimal sight picture bounce or twist.

Made of 17-4 stainless steel

Hole bored for .243" cal projectiles. Can be opened for larger calibers up to .375". Have competent gunsmith bore for larger calibers.

black nitrided

Threaded 3/4"-24 tpi (5/8"-24 tpi reducer sold separately)

Comes with matching lock nut

Made in the USA

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